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Prosecco diaries: March 2014 – marzo 2014

vine bud spring italy

7 marzo – gemme cotonose.

March 7 – fuzzy buds.

bud growth spring italy vine

10 marzo – crescita della gemma in 3 giorni.

March 10 – bud growth in 3 days.

faggot vine grape

11 marzo – abbiamo trovato dei tralci di perera che innesteremo in alcuni vecchie viti della vigna di Monfumo.

March 11 – we found some Perera canes that we will graft on to some old vines in our Monfumo vineyard.

bud break 2014 italy

12 marzo – le gemme cominciano a cambiare di colore.

March 12 – the buds begin to change color.

beautiful italian vineyards

13 marzo – anche i fiori sono importanti nelle vigne.

March 13 – flowers are important in the vineyard.

vineyard weather station

14 marzo – avere una stazione meteo in vigna vuol dire fare un investimento per salvaguardare ambiente e portafoglio. Noi l’abbiamo posizionata lì da 3 anni e siamo pienamente soddisfatti del lavoro che svolge, controllando i dati dal telefonino possiamo capire quando e se trattare.

March 14 – having a weather station in the vineyards means making an investment toward protecting the environment and saving money. We have had this station up and running in the vineyard for three years now and we are really happy with the work it does. We can monitor the data with our phones and we decide whether or not to treat the vineyards using this information.

video vineyard prosecco

21 marzo – cominciamo le lavorazioni sottofila (clicca qui per il video).
March 22 – we began working the soil beneath the rows (click here for video).

complete bud leaf vine italy

22 marzo – foglioline distese e grappolo bene in vista.

March 22 – the little leaves are already fully extended and you can see the cluster.

removing dead vines

28 marzo – togliamo le viti morte con l’escavatore.

March 28 – we removed dead vines with a mechanical shovel.

Luca Ferraro
grape grower and winemaker

Happy Easter

bele casel easter

Colfòndo TN from @MichaelNemcik leading Los Angeles wine professional

We were thrilled to read this tasting note for our Colfòndo by one of the leading wine professionals working in Los Angeles today, Michael Nemcik. “I could drink Colfòndo all day,” he writes.

colfondo los angeles bele casel prosecco

Here are Michael’s notes:

Col Fondo Prosecco finishes fermentation in the bottle, with the remaining yeast falling to the bottom of the wine leaving this sediment, which is said to be very high in vitamins. These wines hail from the newly created Prosecco appellation of Asolo, sandwiched nicely between the Veneto and Friuli in north eastern Italy.

The col fondo was cloudy and gently sparkling and threw some considerable sediment. Definitely had some bread dough and under ripe stone fruit as well as a slightly savory, tarragon note that I really enjoyed. The acidity was nice as was the mineral present on the finish; this wine had a freshness and rusticity that went perfectly with our initial courses.

I think my guests preferred the traditional Bele Casel Prosecco, (which is a perennial favorite) that we started with, yet I would drink col fondo all day/night.

Please click here for Michael’s complete review. And be sure to follow Michael’s blog, MAN About Town: it’s one of the best food and wine blogs in Los Angeles today, one of our favorites. Thanks again, Michael!

Winemaker Luca’s notes from Vinitaly

col fondo sur lie

Positives: all three of the Prosecco consortiums have organized guided tastings where they discussed the appellation and production methods.

ColFòndo is always present and it is presented as the traditional style of Prosecco.

Negatives: there are still those who insist on calling it sur lie.

Observations: media attention for ColFòndo was borne out of the tenacity of Treviso producers who understood the importance of promoting this anarchic, personal, and impossible-to-personalize wine.

It’s a wine that speaks dialect and its dialect has a thousand nuances that change from village to village, hill to hill.


Luca Ferraro
grape grower and winemaker

luca ferraro vinitaly

#Vinitaly coordinates

Pad./Hall 5 – C8

Please come by and see us and we’ll taste together!

Vi aspettiamo!

vinitaly bele casel

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Will Lyons tastes and talks about Bele Casel for Wall Street Journal

From the department of “it doesn’t get much better than this”…

bele casel wall street journal

“Prosecco has often been derided for its easy drinking, neutral style,” write the editors of the Wall Street Journal. “But the very best examples, like the Extra Dry from Bele Casel, show exactly why Italy’s favorite fizz remains in vogue.”

Click here to hear one of America’s favorite wine writers, Will Lyons, share his thoughts on Bele Casel Prosecco.


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